01 - Passarim — Antonio Carlos Jobim (5:42)
02 - 1X0 (One to Zero) — Pixinguinha, Benedito Lacerda, Nelson Angelo (3:57)
03 - Senhoras do Amazonas — Joao Bosco, Belchior (4:36)
04 - Hello, Goodbye — by John Lennon, Paul McCartney (3:55)
05 - Avião — Djavan (4:04)
06 - Fragile — Sting (4:47)
07 - A felicidade — Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes (4:08)
08 - Olha, Maria — Antonio Carlos Jobim, Chico Buarque, Vinicius de Moraes (5:41)
09 - Faltando um pedaço* — Djavan (4:55)
10 - Zanzibar — Edu Lobo (3:54)


Vocal: Carol Saboya
Piano: Antonio Adolfo
Flute, Alto flute and Soprano sax: Marcelo Martins
Guitars: Leo Amuedo
Double bass: Jorge Helder
Drums: Rafael Barata
Percussion: Andre Siqueira and Rafael Barata

*Obs.: Faltando um pedaço: Claudio Spiewak (acoustic guitar)

Engineers, Designers, Special thanks, etc
Production and arrangements: Antonio Adolfo/ Recording Engineer: Roger Freret/ Second Engineer: Ricardo Dias (Visom Digital Studio– Rio - BR)/Mixing Engineer: Claudio Spiewak (C L Audio – Florida - US)/ Mastering Engineer: André Dias (Post Modern Mastering - Rio – BR)/Cover Design: Felipe Taborda/ Cover Photo: Alessandro Nunes/ Make Up: Nilton Matos / Special Thanks: Ron Weber, Gabe O’Meara, Jairo Severiano, Henrique Cazes © Copyright by Antonio Adolfo Music. All rights reserved.


Carol Saboya, named “Carolina" at her birth in Rio de Janeiro, grew up immersed in music. Whether it was classical, jazz, bossa nova or pop there was music all around her continually, as the best musicians in Rio were frequent guests at the family home visiting or rehearsing with her father, noted pianist and composer, Antonio Adolfo. Carol could not help but be influenced by the musical milieu. At a young age, she studied dance and voice. But more critical to her development, she had innate talent!

Among Carol’s bountiful musical characteristics is the critically important quality of coherence, always in evidence throughout her 20-year musical career. To this descriptor one can add the special gifts of perfect pitch, airy lightness of her voice, and the rare combination of delicacy and intensity that define this unique vocalist. All of these elements have resulted in the emergence of Carol Saboyaas one of the outstanding singers of this generation.

This album, Carolina, is a suite of truly exquisite compositions, featuring some of Brazil’s finest musicians, who demonstrated their obvious joy in performing with Carol throughout the recording session. Even on first listening, it is clearly evident that this album is destined to become a “classic".

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